shu uemura 2014

Date : 2014/2


in beauty wonderland

Discover shu uemura beauty in a wonderland created by Mika Ninagawa.

Let your curiosity turn the key and allow the butterflies lead you to pathways abundant with charmingly sweet candy or darkly seductive forbidden fruit…which butterfly will you follow?
Butterflies are your guide into Mika’s euphoric wonderland, a vivid landscape from blue to red, green and pink that sings with flora and fauna.
This mysterious, enchanting world is created especially by renowned photographer and film maker Mika Ninagawa. Following collections in 2008, and again in 2011, for her third collaboration with shu uemura, Mika’s imagination runs wild. Inspired by the artistry of shu uemura and its iconic eyelashes and lipsticks, she creates four exclusive new images and package designs that are covetable treasures.
Choose your color, choose your path, enjoy the thrilling mika for shu in beauty wonderland fairly tale adventure.

“To me, make-up is a way to open the door to an unknown world, a world filled with excitement.
The magic that takes you from your regular life to an unknown new world and the sense of adventure that accompanies this journey are what I wanted to express through this collaboration.”
—Mika Ninagawa

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